UBOL sees itself very well placed and prepared in recruitment expertise and experience, and perfectly placed geographically. These factors come together to make us the premier recruitment agency to partner with you. We’re strategically very well equipped and keen to partner with recruitment agencies overseas. We’ve been highly commended more than once, for planning and successfully completing recruitment alliances with local agencies abroad. Recruitment agents and contract staffing companies have often tied up us for their manpower needs from Bangladesh. This enables them to maintain their local responsibilities while simultaneously identifying and recruiting talent from Bangladesh without any diversion of their resources.

Allying with UBOL frees them from the chores of distinguishing the sought skilled personnel, screening or interviewing them, and consequently recruiting them. UBOL supports and satisfies their needs with its expertise in locating and hiring talent throughout the country and tending to the nation’s recruitment laws and regulations, and the necessary legal and emigration documentation.

UBOL is very capable and eager to form similar partnership alliance with recruitment agencies, so they can successfully supply the highly efficient Bangladeshi workforce to the local businesses, without having to deal with the nuisances of a foreign land, labor, and laws. We hereby invite recruitment firms to let go of their botherations, without compromising on their manpower supply capability, responsibility, and quality.

UBOL will be glad to cover every aspect of your need for personnel from Bangladesh, to make you and your people well equipped to handle the talent requirement locally. We’ve been known and applauded for our partnership success stories, and it is time you too take advantage of our expertise. You can trust us to provide you perfectly customized and complete recruitment solutions.

You’re invited to email us at info@uttarbanglaoverseasltd.com to initiate discussion, of how we can work around your manpower needs an alliance idea.