It was just a year ago when we laid the foundation of Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd. which has grown into a strong innovative and successful Company.

After the glorious and eventful year, we have forwarded further and we have inroads in the new venture, with the blessing of god and well-wishers. In the new area of our interest, we have moved to the Skill and semi Skill Development and training sector.

These two areas have been the most important for the well being of society. Firstly to create new avenues for employment of youth, and has been the focus of the rural & unorganized sector to build a great Bangladesh, and create employability for them. The other Development and training sector, we launched to bring the most talented and skilled workers of the mass population and to reach them at their doorstep.

It was indeed a great effort by the Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd., but the blessing of God & well-wishers are keeping us engaged in the betterment of the universal mankind.

We have accomplished the daunting task of keeping the pace of all-round development of the Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd., in the entire business field that we have stepped in. We have always maintained the Integrity of each company/business partner, by providing quality services, commitment, and timely delivery, to all our clients. We are passionate about the importance of an organization being relevant to our stakeholders.

The founder has been intimately involved with non-profit organizations, community development, and higher education. In the merely short span of time.

We, Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd., have witnessed flourishing reputation with our various business wings, and we have received many awards and acknowledgments from our business Partners/Community for the different services that we offer in varied business areas. All the prominent areas of business ranging from Overseas & Domestic Recruitment to Real Estate including Skill Up-gradation, Tour & Travel, Contracting & Constructions. Thus, we are a famous business conglomerate, not just only in Bangladesh but also even well known to our overseas clients.

We feel proud to inform you that our business has been appreciated and this has supported us to win awards. The appreciations and awards we received encouraged us and this encouragement enable to keep the continuous growth going on.

We have our International Associates partners located in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Africa, Europe, and the USA, as well as other parts of the globe.

Though, we are on the path of continuous growth. We have our domestic partners and agents in various cities in Bangladesh. In forthcoming Days, we will have more international and domestic offices.

Among many successive footmarks that we inscribed in the different business field, We are approved and accredited by various Government and Global authorities.

With continuous efforts and business strategies, those were laid by Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd. just a year ago seems to earn numerable as well as consistent laurels in all the widespread Business sectors.

We would not forget to thank all our esteemed domestic and overseas clients who contributed to the success of the company in becoming a much reputable service provider in the global market.

We would like to thanks our well-trained & experienced staff of Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd. who sincerely gratifies their sources and hardships to make these glorify year, an immensely successful business journey.

In the end, I would like to again sincerely thank all our associates for believing us and cooperating with us to achieve the success of the International market.

These efforts of working hard day and night have been a noteworthy footmark for the organization.

Best wishes

Mir Shahe Alam

“We Believe Employer is our Principle and We Committed Sincere Service”