UTTAR BANGLA OVERSEAS LTD. Is one of the government approved manpower agency holding license number RL – 1515 which registered under the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare & Overseas Employment and also a member of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA). Despite the numerous recruitment agencies in Bangladesh UBOL realized that there was a need for a professionally managed recruitment agency and thus the company comes into existence. The company’s overall philosophy has been to strive for excellence and become the primary provider of competitive, efficient and reliable Manpower resource solutions. The high regard, in which UBOL is held today, bears the testimony to the measure of success that the company has been able to achieve.

A crucial element of UBOL philosophy has been to establish trust and authenticity amongst our clients and amongst the people that make up our database. As of Recruitment, we strive for excellence by providing the highest quality of service to our clients at the right time, with the right people and at a comparative price. As success lies in the ability to adapt to changing times, we always anticipate that change and mold our services to meet the needs of our valuable clients.

The Main aim of UBOL is mainly manpower recruiting, training and export of different categories of workers to foreign countries in reputed companies only where every candidate feel they are on the right path of their career. For that UBOL has its own Training and Orientation Center to train up people by the qualified and experienced trainer. Our expert trainers train the candidates about the professionalism, culture, language and relevant matters of work which likely make them experienced in foreign countries.

Who Is UBO

Growth is the most benign aspect of any business organization. We don’t think differently either. To expand our horizon in the exploration of new avenues, we are driven by our aspirations to breach the geographical boundaries and work on a global platform.

We believe that every efficient employee is the asset of an organization and every job is tailor made for a job seeker. Hence, as an authorized international recruiting consultant, (UBOL) we try to make both these ends meet with our perseverance, commitment, and precision. We envision matching right candidates with companies they are inclined to work at with our unique search efficiency.
Transparency :
We remain open and public by default.
Commitment :
We do what we say – say what we mean.
Integrity :
We maintain consistency whatever we profess, believe and do.
Mutual respect :
We respect the world in which we operate; give what we expect to get.
Quality :
We set the highest possible standard for all our transactions and exceed expectations.
Customer centricity :
Our Only activity day in-day out, never-ending, ongoing and unremitting is serving our customers as “ We Believe   Employer is our Principle and We   Committed Sincere  Service”

Our Crazy Skills


Meet Our Team Leaders

Mir Shahe Alam
Mir Shahe AlamManaging Director
It was just a year ago when we laid the foundation of Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd. which has grown into a strong innovative and successful Company.
Md Mominur Rahman Talukder
Md Mominur Rahman TalukderDirector
It was indeed a great effort by the Uttar Bangla Overseas Ltd., but the blessing of God & well-wishers are keeping us engaged in the betterment of the universal mankind.

Our Happy Clients